Pool Sweeps & Vacuums

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    This pool vacuum is simple to set up and easy to use. It includes 4 connectors and connection hose, which allow cleaner to fit most brands of the above-ground pool. Just attach to your filter pump with 1 of the included adapters and start cleaning. This vacuum is lightweight, making…

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    This pool vacuum cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool for small pools, spas or spot cleaning in larger pools. It is easy to use – No need to set up, just grab it and start vacuuming! The vacuum head comes with a detachable scrubbing brush and the built-in battery-operated pump…

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    This pool vacuum set will do you a lot of help when you are cleanning your swimming pool. The telescopic aluminium pole can be adjusted from 1.2 m to 3.6 m. This way you will be able to clean even the bigger pools with ease. The head brush, featuring 7…

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    The cleaner is able to provide a perfect effect to lift debris off the floor, which helps your water garden and swimming pool remain sludge and deposits free. By connecting it to a garden hose, a vacuum is created, therefore, water, mud and debris would be all sucked up. After…

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    This vacuum head is designed to be a perfect replacement when your own vacuum is worn or broken. It features a 32 / 38 mm connection, which makes it suitable for any hose with the same size. It can also be equipped with a pole to help you do the…

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    This rechargeable pool vacuum cleaner is an ideal tool for cleaning stairs and corners that other vacuum cleaners cannot reach. It is suitable for in-ground pools as well as above the ground pools. This vacuum cleaner features a removable collection tank and a built-in filter to capture small particles. It…

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    This pool cleaner will automatically hunt down and eradicate dirt, leaving your swimming pool brilliantly clean. Its suction power is enough to pick up everything from dirt and bugs to pebbles and twigs. The unit is quick and easy to install. Simply plug the unit into your skimmer and it…

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    This high-quality Ubbink automatic cleaner 7500401 is powered by your existing filtration system by connecting it directly into a brush connection point or a skimmer. It works through the principle of water suction, without electricity, powered by the pool’s filtration system and the movement of a “hammer” mechanism built into…

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    The CleanMagic pool vacuum cleaner from Ubbink is a vacuum cleaner for small basins and small ponds. The CleanMagic effortlessly removes mud, silt and debris that has settled on the bottom of the pond. If you connect a garden hose to the CleanMagic, it creates a vacuum that causes water,…