Shovels & Spades

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    This fencing spade from Draper Tools Expert is an ideal tool for professional or DIY use. It is made of strong, durable steel. The all-steel tubular shaft is welded to the solidly forged socket to create a strong joint. Colour: Blue Material: Steel Total length: 160 cm Blade length: 26…

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    This garden fork and spade set from Draper Tools is a set of indispensable garden digging tools. These Draper tools are high-quality and very durable. The garden fork and spade are made of carbon steel that has been fully hardened and tempered and given a high-visibility plastic coating. The handles…

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    This multipurpose shovel from Draper Tools is ideal for use with wood chips, snow, grain, stable/farm waste and compost. This polypropylene shovel has an extra-wide blade and a forward-tilted “y-dee” shaped handle for user comfort. Colour: Blue Material: Polypropylene Total length: 115 cm Blade size: 38 x 34.5 cm (L…

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    This multifunctional folding shovel is a perfect companion for campers, treasure hunters and geocachers, but also a handy tool to keep in the boot of your car in case you need it. Made of high-quality carbon steel, the shovel is heavy-duty yet lightweight. It can be used as a shovel,…