Outdoor Grills

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    This barbecue table features stylish design and user-friendly functionality, allowing you to conveniently grill, smoke, and flavour your food. Made of solid iron, the BBQ stand is highly sturdy and durable. Additionally, the grid pattern and curve structure add a touch of vintage to the grill. This outdoor grill can…

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    This Mini Charcoal Kettle Grill from HI can use coal or wood for fuel and has a large cooking grid with a diameter of 29 cm. You can use this grill for grilling, baking, smoking, cooking or just keeping your food warm. The lid of this outdoor grill has a…

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    Enjoy the sound of crackling charcoal and the inviting smell of grilled meat with this kettle grill! This kettle charcoal barbecue has a large cooking grid with a diameter of 57 cm. Additionally, the extra top layer grid provides you with additional space for your food. The lower shelf and…